Some Anger Goes A long Way!

Article #2 of Financial Freedom Inspiration Series

Most people have quite a bit of judgment about anger, deeming it bad, undesirable, wrong, scary, and so on. The real truth though is that anger is neither bad nor good; it is just another one of our human emotions. And depending on how you use it, it may either be beneficial to your situation or quite frankly detrimental to your business, health, relationships, and life.

But the secret is not about not feeling anger, it is all about understanding it, moving through it, and use it for your benefit and your growth without hurting or being aggressive to those around you.

When you feel any emotion – and anger is no exception – that emotion, that anger is about you, not about them. It is you who is responsible for dealing with it, without projecting it onto others.

Making me mad is not an easy thing… well, I should not say that.. there is one thing that can accomplish that at a lightning speed… and I mean, I am talking literally about 2 seconds or less, sometimes without me realizing it.. and that is when I see my children in danger.. that is about the only thing that can get me that mad that fast..

But besides that not many things make me that mad…But I strongly believe, I believe very dearly in my heart that there are many repercussions when a woman is financially dependent on someone else no matter who that other person is, and that dissatisfaction led me to make pretty significant changes in my own life.


Anger and dissatisfaction are the catalysts of all change, and in that sense they are pretty helpful.

The truth is that people do not like change. Unfortunately we have come to believe the dysfunctional lie that it is better to stay the same and that changing is unsafe. The problem is that if you are not changing, you are decaying. Nothing stays the same… EVER.

In my case I used my anger and dissatisfaction to get into gear, get into action and make pretty significant changes in my life. And in that sense, it was very helpful.

We have also been taught it is okay to let someone else be in charge of our financial situation. Not only that, but we have adopted being taken care of as a value in our value system. A vast majority of women believe finding a man who can provide for their financial needs is okay and safe, and that nonsense has to stop!

It is neither safe nor okay!

Why not? For a very simple reason.

When someone else is in control of your financial security, they are in charge of your security, they are in control of yourself esteem and everything that is important to you.

Yes, yes I know what people say.. Money is not everything.. and no, I agree, it is not everything.. But money certainly touches every single area of a person’s life.

At least if you are living in this physical universe we really have to get real and stop seeing or trying to blame all the problems of this world onto Money.

Money is just an exchange of energy. If you have seen people who perform bad actions in the name of money.. do not blame it on the money, blame it on the values, principles and actions those people took, it has nothing to do with the money itself.

The idea here is not that we become enslaved to money but that we become free to money, and for that, we need to stop making money the “bad guy” or the One to blame… we have to stop mystifying money as a bad thing.. it is not the cause of all evil, it is not the cause of all good.. it is just a means to realize your objectives, and it is a means to help more people.

It is about time we stop living with this fairy-tale idea, that we are “safe” when someone else provides for us.

That unfortunately is a very weak safety.. a perception of safety but it is not safe at all.. it is okay as long as that person is providing for you with no limits, as long as that relationship is working, as long as you do not want to do something that they do not agree with…

But the moment there is a turn on that relationship (and listen I am not talking about an intimate relationship only, it can be that you may be depending on your partner for money, a family member, a parent, a friend…. who ever that person is it does not matter, it could even be a company you work for)

As I said, the moment you want to do something the other party or person does not agree with, a myriad of problems show up… or even worse the moment they decide they do not want to support you anymore… maybe they want to do something different, maybe they want to support someone else…. what ever the reason may be.. then also many problems show up and worst it will caught you unprepared.


Why would you put yourself in that situation?  We need to snap out of it and realize the need to be in charge of our own financial situation.


So wake up, stop living in this perceived notion of security, which is everything but secure, stop giving energy to this lie and use that anger and dissatisfaction to make a change, get in charge of your financial situation and your life.



To your Everlasting Success