MANIFEST Everything You Desire


In three months, I will mark the fifth anniversary of “starting my business.” In April 2012, I clicked the button that registered my business as a legal entity.


Of course, it took me many more months to get my first paying client. Many tears, frustrations, sleepless nights, and thousands and thousands of dollars in investments later, I actually made enough money to pay myself a salary.




I was very scared. I was very insecure. I did not believe anyone would pay me the money I wanted. I did not value myself enough. I had no evidence of the value I brought to people, so I doubted and doubted.


I did not know how to ask for the business, and I was hiding behind my computer, trying to create “a perfect-looking website.”


My low self-esteem and lack of confidence I carried from my childhood, my difficult relationships, and my abandonment issues carried over into my entrepreneurial journey.


I felt I was not smart enough, or powerful enough. I feared that if I showed up with my whole being, people would attack me and criticize me, which had happened so many times in the past.


It was not until I learned how to change my belief systems−until I learned to THINK like a millionaire (even though I was a long way from being one)− until I decided to learn from those who had come before me. Once I embraced my value, things started to change.




I came up against wall after wall … failure after failure. I would call them challenges now.


I remember saying, “If others can do it, so can I. I will not give up.” I understood I could not give up, otherwise I could not be the woman, the mother, the leader I always longed to be.


About six months later, everything changed. I got my first $15K contract. “Maybe I can do this,” I said. Thirteen months after I started this venture, I crossed the six-figure mark. I had contracted more than $100,000 USD.


Three months after that, my private practice was sold out.






How did I go from zero clients, no one knowing about me, to a successful five-figure a month business, to making several hundreds of thousands of dollars, practically “overnight”?


I worked my ass off. I learned how to think. I applied a sound strategy, and I changed my belief system by allowing myself to have a different experience. I created the life I have today.


I want to share my story with you so I can help other women who are on the path to pursuing their dreams, but are getting bogged down and overwhelmed by all the other “S#H&*” that goes along with that.


As an entrepreneur, there is so much more that goes on behind the scene that’s never talked about. It didn’t happen overnight. It happened over time. But there are certainly things you can do to shorten that learning curve.


Check out this free expert gathering that I am hosting where other experts and I will share our stories, our strategies, our mindset, and the psychology.


We’ll talk about the exact steps we took to go from zero to over a $100K year, $250K and even over $1M per year. And we’ll tell you how you can do it, too.


Everyone sees the success. No one sees the struggle.


Can you relate?


I really wish I could spend a month with you to help you totally transform the way you think about your situation so you could manifest ANYTHING you desire. But until that happens, you can start by:



    • FOLLOWING YOUR DESIRE. One of the law’s of the universe says that the desire is never felt until the possibility to fulfill that desire is also present at the same moment in your life. However, so many people ignore their desires, and when you do that, when you ignore the path the higher part of yourself is trying to show you, well … you may get stuck. Solution: Listen to your heart, to your dreams and desires. They always guide you in the correct direction.


    • IDENTIFY AND SAY ‘YES’ TO THE OPPORTUNITY.The most curious thing is that the doorway to what we want ALWAYS presents itself through an opportunity. And it is only in saying yes to that opportunity that we get to advance in our lives. However, the trick is to get the confidence and trust to say yes to the opportunity even when you feel afraid or you are not sure it will work out.


    You must be able to step out in Faith, and trust that you are being guided. I have a mantra that has always served me well:  “Make a decision and then make the decision right.” Learn ALL you can from that opportunity that presented itself, and always, always follow through in your commitments, no matter what.


    • BECOME A BLESSING TO THE WORLD. The more you give, the more you serve. The more committed you are to be of service to those in need, the more you will start to manifest everything you need−more easily, faster−because all you desire will allow you to be better, to live better, and expand that same service you are being to humanity. When you become a blessing to humanity, all sorts of doors you did not even know existed will open in front of you.


However, this will require your willingness to step up in a bigger way than ever before in your own life.


If you would like guidance from the masters and learn how we have been able to create these kinds of miracles in our lives, join us for The RICHER LIFE, sign up here.