Problems ~ When nothing works

Last week I was speaking at a women’s conference, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the challenging situations many of us encounter at different points in our life journey… in particular while building our businesses.

When I was sharing my journey with these women, I became really vulnerable and opened up  about how at a certain time in my life where there were many problems in my life, nothing seemed to be working on any level… be it personal, financial, healthwise, motherhood.. my life was in shambles.

But then I took the leap of faith and embraced the opportunities that life and our Creator presented to me. Yes, they were challenging, and they were frightening. Also, I wasn’t always sure if they were the right moves to make. However I did know that I would do anything in my power to make things right. Why? Because I was simply not going to live another day like I was living at that point in time.

Fortunately today I can tell you with the same rawness and transparency, that I feel blessed – truly grateful for everything and everyone that is in my life. In fact, every day I wake up silently mouthing the phrase: “Thank you, God.”

And now is the time to give back and help other women work through their problems, realize their dreams and help them become free in every sense of the word. And for that I am so grateful too.

My wish for you is that you decide to step into the opportunities life presents and let yourself be transformed in the process.  I hope that when you do embrace such opportunities, you will do everything in your power to make them work, and not give up when facing the obstacles which will inevitably occur.


It’s always such a pleasure for me to give people small ‘easy to digest’ pieces of information, so here are yours:

1)    Make a decision: Become vulnerable –  get mad enough to decide to change your life.  Say to yourself: “I will not live another day like this.  Enough is enough.”

2)    Ask for guidance: Ask for guidance from the universe, spirit, or your Creator.  No matter what your religious beliefs are, seek help from a higher consciousness.

3)    Seize the opportunity: When opportunity comes knocking, do not ‘chicken out’. Saying no is not an option! – embrace the experience, and move forward.

4)    Give your best every step of the way:  If your mentor, coach, or teacher tells you to reflect on something, do it!  If they tell you to seize an opportunity, then do so. If they ask you challenging questions, don’t turn away.  Simply look for the answers within yourself; they are there.

5)    Accept responsibility:  If something is not working during your learning process, take full responsibility for making it right.  Ask yourself: What is it that I’m not seeing or not doing that is causing the difficulty?  Take time to reflect; trust that you have the answers.

6)    Take consistent and massive action: Be proactive concerning every single recommendation a teacher or mentor gives you.  Display your integrity not only by being punctual, but especially by making the one-on-one time with your mentor your utmost priority.

There you have it – A few words of wisdom from someone who’s been there.

Warmest regards,