Stop the Struggle

Are you thinking about why  some people rise to the top of their field so easily and seemingly quickly while other struggle for years and years on end?

Are you trying to find the new strategy, the new social media application, the new page to include on your website that will give you that success?

If you are STOP!

Taking the road to success, to financial abundance, the road to the seven-figure dream you may have or what ever figure your objective is, is not a destination per se but a journey.

Many people have this idea of making a million dollars as a desire, a dream, a destination.  Well, yes, but what we sometimes don’t understand is what will actually take for us to reach that objective, what changes need to happen in us so we become the recipient of that reality.


But having your own business, being in business for yourself, starting a venture, starting from zero, starting from that idea and growing it to the place of being financially independent is a journey.

Your business is the greatest and biggest personal development journey that you will ever encounter and engage in.

One of the main reason why that is true is because money and financial abundance are not a windfall, they are not the cause to anything; they are not just going to drop from the sky, or simply appear in your life one day.  They are the result of your journey, they are the result of the person you become in the process of achieving that destination.

That financial goal will be the result of the way in which you think, you react, you make decisions, make investments, handle your relationships, take responsibility, decide to grow and decide to move forward etc in short, who you are as a person.

So I want to give you today a few nuggets about how people who are successful in life view their reality and their circumstances compared to those who struggle for long periods of time.


1)  People who struggle believe in luck. They believe that everything that happens in their life is because they’re lucky or they’re unlucky.  But successful people believe in cause and effect.  They understand that you are the cause of whatever you’re going to experience tomorrow or later in the day or next week or next month or next year or in the next five years.

They understand that whatever you’re doing right now is setting in motion what will happen to you in the near and distant future- the decisions you are making today are setting the stage for the results you’re going to achieve in the near or distant future.

You have to think differently and understand not that there is no luck –there are coincidences, and interventions from the universe, and obviously sometimes we are in the right place at the right time, but it’s not only about being in the right place and doing nothing…. -It is about taking action, it’s about being in that place and on the lookout for an opportunity.  And it’s about being able to embrace that opportunity when it comes.


2) Successful people are in the lookout for growth. While most people say they want to achieve success and grow their income what truly happens is that when the journey becomes too uncomfortable they back out. They convince themselves why they can not do that which they so much desired.

What truly happens is that for them being comfortable is more important than reaching their goals; they just want to do whatever they believe they should be doing, but don’t put too much time or too much effort into succeeding.  They don’t go out of their comfort zone.

But people who achieve their dreams and goals strive for growth constantly.  They understand that to experience more freedom, to have greater financial wealth, to create an expansive business, to have more love in their lives, to have better health… what ever their goal is, they know, they  have to strive for growth.

They know that becoming comfortable is one of the biggest signs they are not moving forward. They get worried when they are not challenging themselves; they understand growth has to be exercised every day. And they seek that growth constantly.


3) People who succeed do not let themselves down. What do I mean by that.. Most people are very fast and eager to motivate other people, to stand by their words and promises for other people, to be there for other people. But when it comes to their own dreams and desires they let themselves down. They do not follow thru; they betray themselves….No wonder they reach a point in which they do not trust their decisions any more….

Imagine what would happen if a very dear friend would tell you she would do something and then she would find all the reasons why she couldn’t…. and sometime later she would promise another thing…. And again she would not follow thru… and then again, and again…. Very likely you would not trust this person after 2 maybe 3 times….

Let me ask you how many times have you let yourself down? How many times have you said you would do something and you did not? You backed off? You deceived yourself? How many times you did not come through for yourself?

Isn’t it time you change this situation?


Know you have to make the decision first, and then step into that decision. Know that once you have a desire, the way to fulfill that desire is already there; you just have to seize, to embrace the opportunity.


Understand change is good and make your dreams and your desires a priority and do not stop until those become a reality!

  • Remember: it is not about luck you are the cause and our reality and your results are the effect. Ask yourself whom do you need to be to create the results you desire?
  • Be in the lookout for growth. Look out for growth and know that if you are too comfortable that is probably a red flag that you have stopped moving forward
  • Do not let yourself down. Do not betray yourself. Your dreams, your priorities, your objectives have to be number one priority on your list. Change is good and it is desirable and do not stop until that becomes a reality.


To your Everlasting Success