There Are No Right Or Wrong Decisions, Only….

TRUST is something that has been coming up a lot lately in the conversations I have had with many of the people in my community and since it is so fundamental to being able to run and grow a thriving business I decided to share my insights with you.

There are many reasons why a human being has difficulty exercising trust, the important thing is to realize that while our inability to trust may be projected onto someone or something else, the lack of trust or the ability to trust has always to do with oneself.

Most of the time, it has to do with the fact that (let’s be honest here) we do not show up for ourselves. You may have a dream, a desire to create something, to reach a goal, to get to a destination and sometimes you either give up before you start, or you give up somewhere along the way.

When you give up, you are not giving up on me, or on your mentor, or on your partner, the truth is that you are giving up on yourself. And when you do this over and over again, there is a part of you that starts to learn you cannot be trusted.

And thus the lack of trust comes to the surface.

So, how can we begin to trust:

  • Stop giving up on yourself. When you feel the desire to do something, to achieve something, maybe you want to finally start the business you have been dreaming about for the last 10 years, maybe you want to become a better speaker and enhance your speaking career, maybe you want to motivate women to awaken and live their best life… whatever it is that you want, you need to make the decision that you won’t give up on yourself, or your dream.
  • Say no to Doubt. When we doubt, we start to live in the land of doubt and fear and when we do that, everything around us starts to fall, to break down and come to a hault.. you cannot sustain growth, abundance and wealth from the energy of doubt and fear. You need to make the decision to move forward and trust the process.
  • Certainty. Know that there are no random things happening in this universe, nothing is left to chance, everything follows a very orderly set of laws and rules, and whether you believe in them or not, they are the Truth. There are no random things happening, every single person, every single situation; every single event that happens in our lives is here to teach us something.

Now, if you resist the learning, you will eventually get a whack in the head, and then the next, until finally one day you decide to listen and make a change… so the only question remains: “Will you listen the first time? Or will you choose to wait until you get that whack in the head?

  • There are no right and wrong decisions; there are only choices… every day you are making choices. Every day you make a choice to embrace and embark on that which will make and help you grow, or you will choose to stay small, stay living in that world of fear and doubt… the question is what will you choose for yourself.
  • Embrace Growth. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you put in more than is expected of you, you will always get more in return, only when you decide that you will grow beyond your perceived limitations is when you are faced with your destiny.

I cannot tell you what you should go after, that is a choice only YOU can make. But once you know what you want, I can show you how to get it. Achieving success, happiness, wealth or any other thing you may be after, comes down to you making a decision to step up and make a change in spite of your fears and limitations, otherwise what you will be doing is making the choice to stay small and in a perceived state of certainty, only to eventually find that there was no certainty there to begin with.

I really hope my friend,  you choose to grow, to live, to thrive, and to go after each and every one of your dreams, because when you do, you set those around you free to do exactly the same, and most importantly you show up for yourself and regain that trust in your ability to reach your fullest potential.

Until Next Time.