Your Own Real Estate

Get in Charge of Your Own Income


It still amazes me how I see people who tell me they want to be in business (Entrepreneurs that is) who keep reinventing the wheel every single day.

They somehow find a way to get clients, have someone come and buy their products, visit their online store, come to their restaurant…and take NO time to develop a relationship with them.

SUPERCHARGEWhen you are an entrepreneur you are in charge of your own income. The thing is the income you desire won’t come on a whim, it will come to you through other people,  people to whom you add value to in the form of a service or a product.

Now not everyone is ready to buy from you when you meet them the first time, some will, some won’t, but what it matters is that you are CONSISTENT and present in their world, when they become in need of a product or service like the ones you offer.

You cannot be present if you are not CONSISTENT.

Acquiring a New Client is Always More Expensive than Maintaining a Happy Client.

So I invite you to reflect on these steps:

1)   Do you invite them to stay?? Are you offering them something of value in exchange for their contact information? If you are not what is preventing you? Facebook can disappear tomorrow, twitter too, same with other social media outlets, you do not own those spaces.  On the other hand you do own your website or your store, that is your world, make sure you fully utilize it to invite them to stay in contact with you.

2)   How do you keep contact with those people who have “stepped into your store”? Make sure you create a system to stay in contact with them and develop a relationship with them.  How often will you contact them, How often will you deliver value to them, how will you engage with them, which outlets will you choose to engage with them?

3)   Be Open and Vulnerable. Make sure you share with them about who you are, what you do, why you do it and why may that be of benefit to them

4)  Be consistent. Consistency is the name of the game. You have no idea how much time will take a client to engage with you in a paid service or product. Each person is ready at different moments and stages, your job is to be available and present when they do.

These four steps will help you be more consistent and develop a relationship with the people who are interested in your work and stay consistently present to be able to help more people when they are ready.

Until next time, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts or questions below.