Why is it so difficult to get clients?

I am back from a week where I visited my family and my friends in Mexico City and it was such a fabulous experience. While I travel a lot during the year, for some reason the last 2 years I did not make it a priority to see my home country… and to tell you the truth there was an ache in my soul, and a calling in my heart that kept telling me I need to go. Like most business owners, I kept ignoring with the proverbial “as soon as I have the time.”


But now that I went I feel refreshed, my heart is literally smiling, and everything is better. I am wondering,when is the last time you indulged yourself a little and traveled not for business, but pleasure?  If not, please make it a priority! Your business, your family, your bank account will all thank you!


Okay, back to business… while I was in Mexico I got together with a few friends and some family and I noticed a very interesting trend: they are all, except for one, entrepreneurs! Yes! I had not realized this before.


They love the journey and the freedom that it gives them, but one of the things they told me (which did not surprise me as you guys are always mentioning the same thing) was that the most difficult part of getting their business to soar was learning how to get clients.


So I have dedicated today’s blog to understanding WHY IT’S SO DIFFICULT TO GET CLIENTS, and most importantly, how to fix this issue once and for all!  So enjoy and please comment below with your questions on the topic!


When we feel this calling in our hearts, this tingling sensation of wanting moreMORE FREEDOM, MORE TIME, MORE MONEY, A BETTER LIFESTYLE… we look around and realize that our job or the way we have been living our life will not provide for what we truly want. So we decide to become entrepreneurs.




The problem is….


No one taught us how to be entrepreneurs.

No one taught us how to get clients

No one taught us about what it REALLY takes to

make real money when we have to be the ones driving the sales.


So I’m going to talk to you about the 3 real reasons as to why getting clients seems so difficult.


  1. You are too vague/general about the problem you solve. Let me be brutally honest with you (yes, you can thank me later) people will pay you for ONE thing and ONE thing only… for you to solve a problem they have. If you are not able to clearly pinpoint the problem you solve, your prospects won’t see real value on your proposals / products / programs and more likely than not, they won’t decide to hire you or buy from you.


SOLUTION: Be VERY specific on the problem you solve, what is happening that is frustrating your ideal prospect? What is happening in the marketplace that needs a solution?  Devise a solution with a higher value proposition that what is available and voila… that is the magic potion you need!



2) You want to help the whole world. (ie. you are too vague on who you want to work with) Listen I know you are good at what you do, you have spent countless hours on learning how to become a master of your craft, BUT while you truly help anyone who has the problem you solve, your MUST NOT, ever ever, try to market to every single person.


SOLUTION: You need to be very clear on who your ideal client is and direct all your marketing efforts to that specific person… yes ONE person. With specific fears, frustrations, feelings, beliefs and ideas. (I cover this in my GET CLIENTS FAST BOOTCAMP with a lot of detail, if you want to know more click here and we will be delighted to talk to you).


Example: I literally have clients who are males and females, who are anywhere from 19 years old to 69 years old… and they have array of different backgrounds and all have different businesses, BUT I only market to ONE specific kind of person… get the drill?




3)  YOU NEED TO BE A BETTER LEADER and HAVE MORE FAITH. This is probably 60% of the problem by the way. Yes, you read that correctly. Most people have too much self-doubt, confusion and are afraid of offering their services, or raising their rates or charging top dollar for the work they perform, and prospects feel that when they talk to them. They feel the insecurity and hesitation… and who would buy from someone like that?


SOLUTION: You need to become a better leader and learn to activate the best within you, your energy, your confidence, your commitment, your certainty so you can lead others on the path of change – nothing sells better than confidence and belief. That is what people are looking for, more than anything else. You also need to have faith in the perfection of life, you can, without a shred of a doubt, help the person in front of you – that is why that opportunity was created for both of you!


Obviously there are so many more things I would love to share with you regarding getting clients, so please join me on my upcoming masterclass . I will share more details soon, but if you are not part of our community yet Please input your name and email below and we will notify you very soon!



Until Next Time!

You can live your best life, and live it on your terms.

Much Love,


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