Grit, Grace, and Perseverance


Grit, grace, and perseverance.  Wow, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?  Well I’m here to tell you that these three qualities are a stellar combination, and one that can usually not be beat if dispersed by you carefully  along the way.


You have decided to stop thinking ‘what if’, wondering ‘why not’, or asking yourself

‘why is this happening’…and you’ve made the move to make things happen and change your circumstances.  So that gives you GRIT. 





This was probably not easy for you to do, there were sacrifices and tough questions that you had to ask yourself.  I admire you for it because many people go through life just taking what is sent their way, never questioning the hand that they are dealt and never trying to clear their own path.


Along with that decision to forge ahead and reach your goals, comes the cosmic roadblocks that the Universe has decided to challenge you with. 

I say challenge you, because these are not stopping points, they are not the end of your road, they are merely check points. 


You need to look at these moments and say, ok, here

I am, these are my circumstances, now:  

  • Where do I go from here and 
  • What lesson can I take with me from this experience,

however unfortunate it may seem right now.



Here is where the GRACE and perseverance come at you hand in hand.  How you react is your grace –I encourage you to pause before overreacting, throwing a fit, crying that it’s not fair, or blaming someone else. 

Or worst of all, giving up.  That is not an option for you!!!


No matter what victories you find, or accolades that come your way, it will be the way that you handled these challenging times that will be how you are remembered by others

If you have grace, you will be admired and remembered for it.


So you’ve processed the challenge, you’ve collected your thoughts, you’ve handled the blow….now what? 

Lay on the couch and take a nap? 

Well, maybe…but just for a quick rejuvenation, because your journey needs to continue!!! 


Your perseverance is what will set you apart from the countless others who have started out and given up.  Quitting is not an option, and just trying wasn’t one of the choices. 


Your goals may change along the way, but your desire to achieve something has not.  Let’s work together to not just sit idle, but to forge ahead with the knowledge that what lies on the other side of quitting is far greater than not knowing what could have been.


One of my favorite sayings is how women are like tea, we do not know our strength until you put us in hot water.


Do not confuse your femininity with a weakness during these challenging moments – these moments are a call to arms, asking you to courageously rise and thrive. 


Grit is the courage to take the journey.  

Grace is how you handle the rough roads.  

And perseverance takes you all the way home!


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Enjoy! With all my desire to see you succeed,

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