How to Stop Living a Life of Limits

I just came back from a 3-week travel schedule in which I was

on vacation for two of those weeks (enjoy the pics) and I want to

share with you today some of my learnings during these past

weeks so you can also attract more clients, grow your income,

and live the lifestyle you want and deserve.


VacationCollageToday I want to invite you to stop living a life of limits. I want

to remind you that whoever you are and whatever expertise

you have, you can monetize that expertise.


You have a message, you have a story, and you

have a skill-set that you are supposed to bring forth

into the world.

The more you focus on your fears or your insecurities

or your doubts, the more you focus on those limitations, the less

likely you are to achieve success.


So instead of that, I want to invite you to live a life without limits;

to trust that you have a message, to trust that you have what it takes,

and to focus on the fact that you only need the correct strategy

to get there.


When you live a life that is focused on fears, pains or doubts,

what is really happening is that you are living, unfortunately,

a selfish life in which you are only focusing on you.


Instead of that, I want to invite you to focus on the legacy

that you want to leave in this world and think about:


Why were put in this world?

What is your purpose?

What is the legacy that you are here to leave?

What is the message that you have to share with people?

What is that thing that you wish you could change in this world to make this a better world?


Then, make it your mission to communicate that message

to all the people out there who believe in the same

things you believe, who need to hear that message,

and who need your help to live a better life, grow a bigger

business, get into a better relationship, be a better parent,

you name it.


So don’t focus on your fears, focus on your legacy,

stop living a life of selfishness and start living a life of service.


Be of service.


The more you are of service, the more that you

share your message, the happier you will be and

the more fulfilled you will be because that’s

when everything will make sense.


You will understand that you are in this world not only for

you, but you are in this world for a reason, and that

reason is to help people in thousands of ways that you

may not even be aware of right now.


Remember, don’t live selfishly, and live limitlessly,

make your life a life of service.


Until Next Time!


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