Your Freedom, Your Happiness, Your Success

Today I want to tell you a story.

A story that is a true story, one that I
wish I never had to tell, because the truth is
that it made me ashamed more times than not.
But it will help you… so here it is.

I was in the middle of a coaching program. I
was in a room with around 140 entrepreneurs
and my mentor was teaching sales;
he was teaching us how to
make a difference in people’s lives.
We were talking about the stories that people tell
themselves that keep them broke.

Want Success-Want Happiness-WantI was dressed in ivory pants (I love white pants)
with a blue striped shirt, and since the room
was freezing, I had on a long ivory coat.

I shyly stood up to ask a question
and it felt as if the whole room had x-ray eyes onto me.
I was afraid, but I stood up anyways.

I asked my question. I had had a problem
in a particular part of the sales conversation
and I was asking how I could overcome that.

My mentor simply responded:
“Do you want to hear the truth?”
Oh Boy! Was I in trouble!
“Yes” I answered shyly (but now what would I say?)
Why had I asked the damn question in the first place!

“Okay” he said.
“You are too comfortable being a victim.”

I stood there, feeling stone cold. Not knowing what to say.

“Okay” I finally replied.

“I will take that in. I will look at what it is
that I need to change, and I will change it.”
And here I thought I had already made changes.
But apparently not enough.

I had to decide yet again
to go to the next level.
When the shock passed, I decided I would.
And I started to think…
What do successful people do?

The answers came fast:

They do not stop.
They take action fast.
They do things that need to be done
whether they feel like doing them or not.

They’re not afraid of being called selfish.

So do first what you do not feel like doing.
Stop finding excuses, and start finding a way.
You’ll start getting results.

And so it began once again and here I am today.

So many times women entrepreneurs say they want
to be financially free, yet when the opportunity lands in their lap,
they either pass it up or they become so afraid to fail
that they cannot focus on how to win.

They tell themselves stories as to why it is not convenient,
it is not the right time, they do not have the money,
or are just not sure… and the list goes on and on.

But today you have a decision to make.
It is not about the next program or the next coach
or the next offering you will have in your business.

It is about YOU and who you will be.

What kind of life do you want to live in 3 years?
In 5? In 10?
Where would you like to be?

Now backpedal to today.
Start from today.

Business is not about being comfortable.
Business is never comfortable.
Business is not about feeling safe either.

Business is about growing up, stepping up
and going to claim your birthright –
that which you have given up on for so long.

It is truly about Your Freedom, Your Happiness, Your Success.

If you are not making money in your business
you are lacking in three areas:

1) Your mindset is not where it needs to be
2) Your marketing is not efficient or is non-existent
3) You are not converting prospects into clients. You
do not know how to turn a prospect into a happy client

Stop resisting getting the help you need, and start putting
into practice the right strategies – the ones that work.

Remember, if you are a female entrepreneur and you
want to have your own business, you NEED to focus
on those 3 areas.

And never forget, this is the run for your life.




Stop Finding Excuses and Start Finding a Way.

Do what you KNOW in your heart you want to do
no matter what others say, what their opinions are.

Remember what I always say:
Your Heart Shows You the Way while
Your Mind is the one that Makes it all Happen.

Much Love, and never stop believing!