Would You Like More Freedom?

Happy Independence Day (If you live in the United States)! If not this is a great opportunity to reflect about what freedom is and what freedom means.

I am wondering: What makes you feel free? What allows you to understand that you are free?

I believe freedom is one of the most sought after states of being and I also believe freedom is both a situation we live and an emotional state we can create.

A few years ago what started me in this quest of personal and business development was my quest for freedom. My own desire to be “the owner of my life and the captain of my ship.” At the moment I felt I had no freedom, I felt people around me controlled what I could do or not do, I felt life was happening to me and felt very helpless as to how to get out of that predicament. Which of course led to unhappiness, stress and I believe at times moments of intense sadness.

But as it always happens, those moments become our greatness teachers, and it was because I was so profoundly dissatisfied that I summoned the courage to make the decision to change my life.

I believe as human beings we are so free that we can actually choose to stay in our dysfunctions and disempowering situations.

When I learned that a few years ago, that was a bit of a shock for me, I must acknowledge “I am so free that I can actually choose to stay in bondage”. WOW.

What a profound revelation. Here are some ways you can experience more freedom in your life.

  • Read Constantly. Read, but not necessary novels (Although I love those too). Read about changing your mindset. Read personal development books, read how to increase your state of consciousness, read about how to establish better boundaries, read about how to create wealth. Immerse your time into tapping into a higher consciousness, even when that may not be your reality yet.

Some of my favorite Titles: “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks “Boundaries” by Cloud & Townsend “Hiring the Heavens” by Jean Slatter “Women Who Love too Much” by Robin Norwood “No Matter What” By Lisa Nichols

  • Make a decision. Yes every change starts with a decision, a decision usually that you won’t live your life the way you have been living it. Or the decision to start a business. Or the decision to increase your rates. Or the decision to move. Or the decisions to become free. Everything starts with a decision, and a decision is made when there is simply not other possibility on the table. When you decide, there is no way of turning back. Scary at times? Yes, but powerful every single time!
  • Work On Yourself. Time and time again I see, your external results will never surpass your level of personal development. Being in business is a personal development course in steroids. Your level of wealth will never surpass your sense of value within.

As My Friend Rjon Robbins says:

  • Get to work. Yes, have big dreams and have big goals. Dream Big by all means but Start where you are, that is the only place from where you can start. So what ever it is you desire, whatever it is you want to achieve, start today! Not tomorrow and not the day before. Get into the habit of taking consistent action towards your goals. Success is a habit and unfortunately failing is too. Make a decision of the kind of life you want to live and get to work.

Let me know what you think. Let me know what Freedom is for you. Leave me a comment below. Happy Independence Day to those in the US. CHEERS to Freedom to everyone else!

Much Love,


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