The Business School of S.H.E.E is Erika’s private coaching program for non-apologetic entrepreneurs.

In this 12-month coaching program, as a School of S.H.E.E. member you will:


Create a solid, step-by-step plan to create sustainable and consistent income, with a clear vision for your future.

Build or modify your business model to one that can actually leverage your expertise and is sustainable over time, that is what a business school is all about.

Define your Clients and target your ideal market and tribe so precisely that finding them becomes a breeze.

Create your packages and offerings in a way that makes it easy for your prospects to join your world.

Learn how to implement successful, profitable and proven online and offline marketing strategies that will attract people to your world, and allow you to serve them in a bigger way.

Learn the art of closing the sale and all the action steps needed to get that “Yes” from your prospects.

Become the leader who can inspire, motivate and empower your prospects to take immediate action to hire you.

Define your sales funnel and client journey clearly and powerfully.

Design a business that supports your life instead of a business that sucks the life out of you.

Embrace the value you provide your clients so you can confidently and successfully raise your rates while helping more people in the process.

Go through the most profound transformation you ever imagined. At the School of S.H.E.E TM we work from the inside out, so the entire curriculum is designed not only to give you the needed strategies, but also to foster the personal transformation indispensable for the results you desire.

Understand what your default energy tendencies are, and how they are preventing you from achieving financial freedom. You will learn the specific daily strategies the most successful people on the planet employ to achieve outstanding results. In short, you will become the most empowered version of yourself you could ever imagine.

Be guided and inspired by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who not only understand you, but deeply support you.

Become that confident, non-apologetic, successful woman who can create the world and the life she desires and deserves.

Build a powerful partnership where you will be totally supported in the process of building your business.

Never feel alone or restless because you do not have the support or guidance you need and deserve.

The Business School of S.H.E.E. program is designed to challenge you, support you, help you expand, and help you grow into that powerful entrepreneur that can create everything she desires, while holding a deep sense of purpose, peace, and joy throughout the process. The Features of The School of S.H.E.ETM are:

  • 2 – 45-minute 1-on-1 Coaching Calls per month focused on your business, where we will partner on a constant basis to help you achieve the results you are after, where you will be deeply listened to and supported and guided towards your next step.This is where strategy meets implementation, and Erika is there for you all the way to help you make the most empowered decisions.
  • 2 - 2 day Mastermind Retreats throughout the year – Exclusive for The School of S.H.E.E TM members. These mastermind retreats will be a combination of teaching, learning, and “masterminding” with other empowered and non-apologetic entrepreneurs to bring YOU and your business to the next level.
  • Exclusive Access to 1 Monthly Group Teaching Call. This is where I will cover mindset principles, marketing strategies and sales tactics and actions to round out your knowledge and implementation abilities throughout the year. Q&A opportunities will also be provided for the participants.
  • Financial Attraction Assessment and Debrief. Identify your default attraction tendencies towards wealth, abundance, financial independence and Fulfillment. Uncover, eliminate and transform the energy blocks that would otherwise prevent you from success, wealth and happiness. You will learn the specific daily strategies the most successful people on the planet employ to achieve their objectives. In short, you will become the most empowered version of yourself you ever dreamed possible.
  • Email Access to Erika – Get personalized and quick access to Erika when you need it. You can ask any questions you may have at any time.
  • 6 “as needed” Emergency Calls – These are 15-minute calls that can be used on an “as needed” basis. You can use this call when you have a pressing challenge you need help with immediately, or in between your scheduled monthly calls.

Rest assured that when joining Erika at The Business School of S.H.E.ETM you will be deeply supported. We will “have your back,” and you will not feel alone in the process of growing your business. Erika builds a unique and powerful alliance with each of her private clients, a bond that is designed to help them move confidently forward in achieving their dreams and objectives and truly make a difference in the world. This program is a significant investment for most business owners. Please complete the application below and we’ll schedule you an interview ASAP. The School of S.H.E.ETM Application: