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Why is it so difficult to get clients?

I am back from a week where I visited my family and my friends in Mexico City and it was such a fabulous experience. While I travel a lot during the year, for some reason the last 2 years I did not make it a priority to see my home country… and to tell you […] Read more

The 4 Cornerstones of a Client Attraction System

I have great news to share with you!! This past weekend my son had a soccer tournament close to Tampa, Florida and even though they had a few very tight games his team won the championship. What a great feeling! I am so proud of him and his team mates.   I saw them running […] Read more

Time to Decompress IS FUNDAMENTAL for Success

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you had a fabulous time during the holidays and you had time to rest and replenish.     I did, I totally unplugged for 2 full weeks. That meant I logged out of email, Facebook, Twitter and all social media profiles. I committed to using electronics at a minimum and […] Read more


The Client Chase

I was thinking about something today after back to back client calls. A lot of women that I speak with are absolutely brilliant and yet most come to me because despite their best efforts, they can’t seem to make their businesses profitable.   It got me thinking about why such smart, gifted women still struggle […] Read more

Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving Day! (if you live in the USA you know this is a very important holiday. If you don’t, keep reading as I have an important message for you).   This is by far my favorite holiday of the year. Our kids are back home, usually for the whole week, we host dinner for the […] Read more


Once and For All

I know you. Sometimes it is like if I was living with you. I feel what you feel. I think what you think.   “How is that possible Erika?” you may say..   Because I am you, and you are me. At the core of this creation, we are the same. We are women, we […] Read more

Nov, 19, 2015



What YOU Are Forgetting

As you may know these have been a very busy couple of months, we have really stepped up our game at our offices in the way we serve and connect with our community.   We have hosted several trainings – all of them dedicated to serve you, help you grow your business, attract more clients […] Read more

The Fastest Way To Step Into Your Purpose

Today is going to be a quick one. 🙂   I know you are busy (we all are, aren’t we?).   I have been having quite a few conversations with people and one thing that keeps coming up is that every time we decide to grow in any area, there is resistance.   This nagging feeling […] Read more


A Tough Lesson to Learn

How are you doing today?   I certainly hope this email finds you well, happy, rested and in peace.   I have to tell you I am nervous, nervous to share and open up with you in a way that I have not done in a while.   This is an unconventional email, as it […] Read more

Overnight Success

If you are a mom, you know how incredibly patient you need to be with an infant when he or she starts to grow and mature. First they begin to crawl and then walk and eventually they learn how to run.   You have to be incredibly patient when babies start crying, especially when they […] Read more

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