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Do NOT take your eyes OFF the plan

Do not take your eyes off the plan.   It was a cool September morning and Autumn had set in. The leaves had begun to transition from green to gold and little fringes of brown had begun to appear around the edges.   Today was the day that I was to meet my mentor for […] Read more

Winning In Business

I am not sure about you, (I would love to know by the way if you feel the same) but every time I attend a business event or a personal development event or workshop I get all fired up and all motivated to create even more, even bigger, even better things in my business and [...]

Do You Have A Vision?

One November morning, I was sitting in a loud and crowded cafeteria of the college I attended.   It was my first year in college and the students were getting to know each other. I was sitting with three individuals who at that time were my best friends.   In the background it was chaotic, with […] Read more

Successful Entrepreneurs

Did you know that I attended one of the most thorough trainings in energy healing science in the world? A program in which you work extensively with energy healing techniques, quantum physics principles, the human consciousness, biology, psychology, and which of course is deeply spiritual. As spiritual as a practice can be. Yes we heal […] Read more

Your Freedom, Your Happiness, Your Success

Today I want to tell you a story. A story that is a true story, one that I wish I never had to tell, because the truth is that it made me ashamed more times than not. But it will help you… so here it is. I was in the middle of a coaching program. […] Read more

Your Own Real Estate

Get in Charge of Your Own Income   It still amazes me how I see people who tell me they want to be in business (Entrepreneurs that is) who keep reinventing the wheel every single day. They somehow find a way to get clients, have someone come and buy their products, visit their online store, […] Read more

Igniting the Fire

I recently returned form vacation, I had a great time with my family, I was able to take a much needed rest. While I was contemplating the ocean from the ship we were in, I started thinking about how difficult and challenging business can be, it can get lonely, it can get scary and definitely challenging.. So what do you do […] Read more

Being Your Own Boss

Turning Challenges Into Money-Making Opportunities. Being an entrepreneur can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Yes you can do things on your terms, ideally you can schedule your time as you please, you can decide when and if you are going to travel, you can decide where you are going to […] Read more

Your Brand Is You

Most people get confused with this idea of creating a brand, believing they have to come up with all sorts of colors, designs, backgrounds, fonts, images and so on. What they fail to realize is that when you are a conscious entrepreneur, and in many other cases too, your brand is YOU, or at least begins […] Read more

Dare to Dream

YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST If you ask me what breaks my heart, I would have to say it is the same problem broken down in two parts: a) A woman who ends up giving away so much of herself, taking care of everyone else first, to such a degree that she neglects herself b) A […] Read more

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