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There Are No Right Or Wrong Decisions, Only….

TRUST is something that has been coming up a lot lately in the conversations I have had with many of the people in my community and since it is so fundamental to being able to run and grow a thriving business I decided to share my insights with you. There are many reasons why a […] Read more

The Woman You Are Meant To Be

It was a chilling morning in December… the day was grey, a little melancholic as if it knew what was going to happen next. I woke up like any other day and there was silence at first, then the movement starts. I go into my daughter’s bedroom and see her sound asleep. I wake her […] Read more

Dare to Dream

YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST If you ask me what breaks my heart, I would have to say it is the same problem broken down in two parts: a) A woman who ends up giving away so much of herself, taking care of everyone else first, to such a degree that she neglects herself b) A […] Read more

Naked Truth and Resolutions

By Erika Ferenczi ACC,CPC, ELI-MP, EH, MFIN Have you ever heard that special someone, whether it be a relative, a friend, or someone close to your heart say: This year I will____________ (you fill in the blanks) lose some weight, stop smoking, spend more time with my children, be a better parent, earn more money, […] Read more

Some Anger Goes A long Way!

Article #2 of Financial Freedom Inspiration Series Most people have quite a bit of judgment about anger, deeming it bad, undesirable, wrong, scary, and so on. The real truth though is that anger is neither bad nor good; it is just another one of our human emotions. And depending on how you use it, it may either be beneficial to […] Read more

I am Grateful

I Am Grateful     For my children who make a mess – Because that means they are home, they are healthy and they are safe. For my husband who from time to time picks a fight – Because I know he cares. For the disagreements I have with my parents about how they live […] Read more

Stop the Struggle

Are you thinking about why  some people rise to the top of their field so easily and seemingly quickly while other struggle for years and years on end? Are you trying to find the new strategy, the new social media application, the new page to include on your website that will give you that success? […] Read more

Stop Apologizing For Your Success

 Do you feel you need to choose between your family and your business?  Do you feel guilty for spending so much time away from family and friends to reach your dream? Are you afraid if you keep moving forward with your goals that you may ruin your intimate relationship or damage your children in the process? […] Read more

A Perspective on Death and Loss

If you are reading this, you’ve probably lost someone very close to you. Or maybe you’re just curious to see what my perspective on death and loss is. The fact is, I did ose someone recently, someone really dear to my heart. Her name was Bina. Bina was one of my most loyal friends for […] Read more


Problems ~ When nothing works

Last week I was speaking at a women’s conference, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the challenging situations many of us encounter at different points in our life journey… in particular while building our businesses. When I was sharing my journey with these women, I became really vulnerable and opened up  about how at […] Read more

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