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How to confidently charge my rates?

This week’s question comes to us from Dorothy.   Question: Erika, I am a coach and I find I am having a real problem when I talk with my potential clients. Even though I am very clear on what my rates are, as soon as I get on the phone with them I start assessing […] Read more

Money Fears

This week’s question comes to us from Maddie writes to us from the United States   Question: Erika, I am starting my business and I am realizing I have to make a lot of decisions, I am really afraid to invest because I really do not have the money to do all I want to […] Read more

It All Starts With Why

IT ALL STARTS WITH “WHY” If you are like many entrepreneurs, you started your business for various reasons: because you wanted more money, leisure time, more flexibility in your work schedule, to help more people.  Most likely you, like many of us, are an idealist who wants to do your part to create a better […] Read more


STOP BEING A GOOD GIRL And start breaking some rules for a change It doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re from, if you’re a woman, you’ve been taught to be a “Good Girl.” Everyone likes good girls. Good girls are nice. Good girls are loved. Good girls are respected. But what happens when […] Read more

Objectives & Goals

In this Year End… Are you thinking about all the things you said you would do this year and maybe did and maybe not? Are you preparing your list of intentions for 2013? Are you clear on what you want to accomplish? If you struggle with this internal debate and are tired of not breaking […] Read more

Dec, 18, 2012



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