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The Woman You Are Meant To Be

It was a chilling morning in December… the day was grey, a little melancholic as if it knew what was going to happen next. I woke up like any other day and there was silence at first, then the movement starts. I go into my daughter’s bedroom and see her sound asleep. I wake her […] Read more


Although I was encouraged to be in charge of my financial destiny, somewhere, somehow along the way I picked up the idea that it was safe to let someone else be in charge. Many women however have not been encouraged to take control of their financial destiny. No matter the reason, the truth is many […] Read more

Stop Apologizing For Your Success

 Do you feel you need to choose between your family and your business?  Do you feel guilty for spending so much time away from family and friends to reach your dream? Are you afraid if you keep moving forward with your goals that you may ruin your intimate relationship or damage your children in the process? […] Read more