You’re a brilliant woman, and great at your craft, so why is this business of yours not going the way you imagined?

You’re spending money faster than you can make it and are counting on that one course, or that one program to skyrocket your success.

The Cold Hard Truth:


The truth is that one client a month isn’t not going to take you where you want to go.

You need a strategy, a plan, and support.

You need to turn off the noise so you focus on building YOUR business and finally live the lifestyle you crave.

Erika Ferenczi

I invite you to ditch the doubts and build an unwavering confidence in who you are and how you serve others.

Learn the beautiful art of client attraction, the art of connected marketing, develop an unwavering confidence so you can get what you want; and apply simple strategies for building a tribe of people who can’t wait to work with you.

Turn fantasy into reality and create the life and business you’ve always dreamed about.

Become more visible and confident in your business.


You are clear on what you offer. You know exactly how to attract your ideal clients and make more money. You attract clients magnetically; people look to work with you instead of being pursued by you. You become a known expert on your field.

You feel confident about the change and value you can bring to the table at any price point you want to charge. You stop spinning your wheels & wasting your time and energy in activities that do not give you the results you expect.

You own your value and have the confidence and mindset to charge what you are worth, and you get it every single time. You stop stressing about where the next client will come from. You have time to rest, take weekends off and even go on vacation without an impact on your income.

When you work with me, you'll develop an unstoppable confidence about who you are, your value, and the gift you are to this world.

Once you've said yes to yourself and to your gift, your whole life will change. New opportunities will open up and you will start to live a new reality, one you've only dreamt was possible.


  • Uncover how your life experiences and story aligns with the messaging of your brand.
  • Identify who you serve and WHY.
  • Create a bigger VISION for YOURSELF and your life.
  • Kick your fears to the curb.
  • Get the confidence and perseverance to go after your dreams
  • Identify your branding and message so you can be positioned as an expert in your field
  • Uncover your Profit Business Plan. Yes, we will define how you will make money with that passion of yours!

  • Design a business model that allows you freedom, happiness and self-care.
  • Design a 12 month 6+ Figure Marketing Blueprint so you know exactly how, what and when to implement (no more beautiful dreams that never become a reality! Every dream is achieved by and implementation plan and I will help you build yours.)
  • Become unstoppable and unapologetic for who you are and what you want, and become the inspiring leader that creates raving fans and makes a big difference in this world.
  • Embrace your purpose and become the messenger and life-changing agent you are meant to be.


Finally being able to own your value and worth so you can confidently charge more and receive what you want.

Wouldn’t it be great to stop stressing about money and instead learn to create a constant flow of income?

What about finally being able to share your message and help the people you know you are meant to serve with ease and grace?

It’s possible.


Once you’ve said yes to yourself, the universe will meet you halfway and all of your circumstances will transform to a beautiful new reality.

Say YES to your own success, happiness and fulfillment.


Attract more clients, build your business and live a life of freedom and abundance.

The Unstoppable Confidence and Profits Club is designed specifically for entepreneurs like you - those who drive to turn their heart's passion into a thriving, life-changing business.

The key to happiness and freedom can be found in your ability take control of your destiny... secure in the knowledge that your business messaging and purpose is perfectly aligned with who you are.

Ready To Live The Freedom Lifestyle? Making Money, Owning Your Time?

Women all over the world are recognizing their brilliance and are finding the courage to create the lives, the stories, the businesses that they've always dreamed of.

Unstoppable is a cool program that gives you all the foundation you need to create a widely successful business in one year and finally profited from your passion.

Tired of feeling like no matter what you try your business is going nowhere? You deserve a BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH.

Stop waiting and finally supercharge your business. Easily attract high-paying clients & start making REAL money consistently while making a difference in more people’s lives. This proven, limited time program shows you how. Discover the Secrets to Transforming Your Business Fast!

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This strategy day will save you months and months of trial and error. If you are ready for big changes... FAST... and you are a good implementer who is looking for a plan that you can execute right away, this VIP day is for you.

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