The Woman You Are Meant To Be

It was a chilling morning in December… the day was grey, a little melancholic as if it knew what was going to happen next. I woke up like any other day and there was silence at first, then the movement starts. I go into my daughter’s bedroom and see her sound asleep. I wake her up with a kiss and snuggle with her a little just to stir her up enough to invite her to wake up.

I go into my son’s bedroom and do the same. I feel so much peace, everything seems to be just fine. In my house everything is fine, in someone else’s it is not.

The phone rings… it is Debbie my dear and long time friend from over 12 years. She is bawling so hard she cannot even breathe. Alarms go off in my brain…” Are you ok?” I ask. “What happened? Are the kids ok? What do you need?” I cannot stop asking questions until I decide to be quiet and just listen to her cry… a couple of minutes pass and I am there in total silence, but present with her.

“What am I going to do?” she says.

“Why didn’t I listen?”

“I knew it all along… how could I be so stupid?”

“What will I tell the children?”

“It is Christmas in two weeks what will I do?”

“I have no money… no place to go… he is gone…”


meanttobeWhat happened I said? Please talk to me…

“It’s Steve.” she says. “He is gone. His things are gone. He wants a divorce, he has fallen in love with someone else and he is gone… I have no money… what do I do?”

I wish I could tell you this ended well, but it did not. My friend Debbie had no money to pay for anything on her own. She had entrusted her whole life and her children’s future with her husband Steve and one day, reasons aside… he decided he did not want that life anymore. He met someone else and he was gone.

Debbie, as countless other women have, bet her whole safety and life on her marriage. So much so that when she saw “the signs” she did not want to see or hear, she ignored them as she knew it would tear her life to pieces forever.

Debbie moved in with a friend for a couple of months along with her children. We set up a fund and got her some money from friends and family… she had not worked for years so it was difficult to find a job for her, but we did after a while.

She had to go through all this while trying to re-build her life and survive with her children in tow. It was not easy. This is a scar she will carry for the rest of her life.

I wish I could tell you this story is unique, or it never happened again. The truth is that it has happened more times than I care to remember.

Do not be another statistic.

If you have a husband that is loving, caring and is providing that is just amazing.

That does not mean you cannot have your own money, build your own business, regain your voice and step into your power.

Do it now, while there is still time. There is nothing better you can do for your children, your marriage, your self and the world than to become the woman you are meant to be.

Much Love and Until Next Time,