Testimonials BG Dark

  • As a result of our work I regained hope and I can see that they are real things I can change to turn around my experience. This is a no brainer. I feel fortunate to have all this information.

  • Working with Erika was a genuine pleasure.

  • My Strategy Session with Erika was very productive and very rewarding. She explained the assessment and led me through my results with a lot of sensitivity and insight.

    David Krieger, President and CEO, CDS Ensembles Inc

  • It was a genuine pleasure to work with Erika. Her manner is warm and professional, and she is deeply knowledgeable and insightful in her practice.

  • I can say that coaching with her helped to manage most of my internal conflicts and, thanks to that; I have been able to deal with many of the conflicts that I used to have with other people.

  • I never imagined how much working with Erika would transform my life.

  • My work with Erika exceeded all my expectations.

  • My experience with Erika has been an amazing one, she gave me a reason once again to move forward in my life. She has taught me strategies to live a more productive and peaceful life and to see it with a positive perspective.

  • When I decided to hire Erika, and the moment I did, a wave of relief washed over me. I knew I made the right decision. The very next day, I got my first client.

  • Before I started working with Erika my own thoughts had not produced any significant change even though I almost never stopped thinking about my challenge, which was my relationship with my husband of nearly 30 years.

  • Working with Erika has been a total pleasure.

    Gina Bender, Reinvention Strategist

  • When I started working with Erika, my life was chaos and my business seemed only like a faraway dream.

  • Working with Erika has been one of the best things I have done for my spiritual growth and my life journey.

  • Since working with Erika I have structured and developed new products that give me more stability. I have more than doubled my previous rates. I feel more in control, happier and more responsible for my success than ever.

  • Erika’s Program Has Given Me Structure And Order. I Recommend Her Work To Anyone As She Doesn’t Leave Teachings In The Air. She Turns Them Into Actions That Help You Succeed.

    Sandra Mateu, Personal Stylist AKA The Fabulous Wardrobe Planner

  • Erika’s Program Resulted In Me Tripling My Income! But The Most Important Thing Is That She Showed Me I Am A Person Who Deserves To Have It All And She Showed Me The Actual Steps On How To Achieve It.

    Tory Wenger, Virtual Assistant & Lover of Life

  • I have had my best year in business in the last 7 years!!! And I am on my way to achieve in 2014 what was my goal for the end of 2015!

    Irena Skoda, Architect

  • When I met Erika I had a few things going on with my life, from a financial meltdown, to a separation from my husband, looking for the best way to deal with my kids and trying to open a restaurant and not taking action.

    Marita Lynn, Marita Lynn Catering

  • With Erika’s Help I have set myself free to a degree I would not have thought possible in a few short months.

  • If you are someone who is looking for answers for your business, maybe looking to take your business to the next level or even start a business, working with Erika will help you get clarity and direction.

    Loretta Peters, Competitive Edge Branding

Nov, 24, 2014