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Time to Decompress IS FUNDAMENTAL for Success

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you had a fabulous time during the holidays and you had time to rest and replenish.     I did, I totally unplugged for 2 full weeks. That meant I logged out of email, Facebook, Twitter and all social media profiles. I committed to using electronics at a minimum and […] Read more


Once and For All

I know you. Sometimes it is like if I was living with you. I feel what you feel. I think what you think.   “How is that possible Erika?” you may say..   Because I am you, and you are me. At the core of this creation, we are the same. We are women, we […] Read more

Nov, 19, 2015



What YOU Are Forgetting

As you may know these have been a very busy couple of months, we have really stepped up our game at our offices in the way we serve and connect with our community.   We have hosted several trainings – all of them dedicated to serve you, help you grow your business, attract more clients […] Read more

Overnight Success

If you are a mom, you know how incredibly patient you need to be with an infant when he or she starts to grow and mature. First they begin to crawl and then walk and eventually they learn how to run.   You have to be incredibly patient when babies start crying, especially when they […] Read more

Laughter is Essential

I am writing today to remind you one of the most ignored facts of being successful in business… and that is remembering that laughter is essential for success.   The truth is, all the money in the world, all the success in the world, means nothing if you are not living a joyful life.   […] Read more

Create Your Own Stage

By now you have probably heard to the point of ad nauseam that one of the best ways to grow your business and get clients fast is through Speaking..   And YET   I see so few people doing it… And what’s worse… Very few people are doing it well!!   Allow me to be […] Read more

Sep, 10, 2015



Beyond Excited!

I am beyond excited to share this news with you! After months of work, careful planning and behind the scenes work… Our new website is LIVE! We did a complete Re-Brand for the next stage of our company and now we are introducing… The Unstoppable Female: Helping Women Become Unstoppable and Thrive No Matter What! […] Read more

Would You Like More Freedom?

Happy Independence Day (If you live in the United States)! If not this is a great opportunity to reflect about what freedom is and what freedom means. I am wondering: What makes you feel free? What allows you to understand that you are free? I believe freedom is one of the most sought after states […] Read more

How to Work From Home, Make Money, and Still Have a Life

Over and over again I see entrepreneurs working way too much; working themselves to the point of exhaustion. It is time we change that for the better. The truth is you can succeed; you can work from home, make money, and grow your business without losing your life in the process. Actually having a life, […] Read more

Surveys Do Not Lie! How to Build A Home Business

In this post, I want to share with you How to Grow your Business Fast. This information is especially important if you want to build a home business. After speaking with many people in the entrepreneurial community, I surveyed a group of people on my list and asked how many of them had their own […] Read more

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