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Igniting the Fire

I recently returned form vacation, I had a great time with my family, I was able to take a much needed rest. While I was contemplating the ocean from the ship we were in, I started thinking about how difficult and challenging business can be, it can get lonely, it can get scary and definitely challenging.. So what do you do […] Read more

You Can Never Stop

I know you are in business because of the freedom it provides you. I know you want to be free to come and go as you please and be present for your family. I know you want to do work that matters. Being lost in a company doing work that feels meaningless is like living […] Read more

When Enough is Enough

Wow, the  last few weeks have been full long lists of To Do’s, and a lot of small details to take care of here at our offices.  We have been quite busy planning all the details of our Business Retreat iRise to Success. This week I attended ADVA’s annual luncheon, “Heart of a Woman” ADVA is […] Read more

You Doubt, You Lose!

Talking about a New Year with New Intentions, New Objectives, New Goals, New Challenges – how is it possible to make all that work? The first order of the day is to recognize how you have changed since the last time you checked in with yourself.  Really reflect on how different you are from a […] Read more


This article is about being a champion, not a survivor…. Do not get me wrong surviving is sometimes good… but from my point of view NOT GOOD ENOUGH… most people in this planet are just surviving….you see them walking around without energy, without desire, without a sense of purpose, you see them half dead…. They […] Read more

What are you waiting for?

“It Is Not That We Have A Short Time To Live, But That We Waste A Lot Of It” ~Seneca Whenever I talk to an entrepreneur and ask them what their biggest challenge in their business (or their life) is, they typically answer “I do not have enough time.” It’s incredible that most of us […] Read more

How to Solve your Problems

This morning I heard my daughter’s sweet little voice saying to me: “Mom, does everyone pick their nose?”  I felt an enormous sense of tenderness and innocence in her voice,  in her wanting assurance that she is not a bad girl, or something was wrong with her for having a desire to pick her nose…. […] Read more

How to confidently charge my rates?

This week’s question comes to us from Dorothy.   Question: Erika, I am a coach and I find I am having a real problem when I talk with my potential clients. Even though I am very clear on what my rates are, as soon as I get on the phone with them I start assessing […] Read more

Money Fears

This week’s question comes to us from Maddie writes to us from the United States   Question: Erika, I am starting my business and I am realizing I have to make a lot of decisions, I am really afraid to invest because I really do not have the money to do all I want to […] Read more

What Can I Do About Family and Friends?

Her Question: I started my business three years ago and thru this process I feel many things have changed in my life and I guess I have changed too. Problem is I am having a hard time spending time with my old friends and family, our interests are completely different and they believe I am […] Read more

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