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3 Simple ways to Make New Year Resolutions Stick!

  Happy end of January. Can you believe it? January is already over!!!   31 days have passed since the begging of the year, for most people the commitment to those new year's resolutions is winding down a bit, so today I want to talk about what you can do right now to make your [...]

Grit, Grace, and Perseverance

  Grit, grace, and perseverance.  Wow, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?  Well I’m here to tell you that these three qualities are a stellar combination, and one that can usually not be beat if dispersed by you carefully  along the way.      You have decided to stop thinking ‘what if’, wondering ‘why not’, or asking yourself ‘why is this [...]

What having my Nephew almost killed taught me

Happy New Year! Yes I know I have said that before. But since this is the first personal message of the year I wanted to say it again. I hope your year is full of health, Love, Abundance and Growth! For our family, this was a very difficult winter break; and yet it has also […] Read more

Winning In Business

I am not sure about you, (I would love to know by the way if you feel the same) but every time I attend a business event or a personal development event or workshop I get all fired up and all motivated to create even more, even bigger, even better things in my business and [...]

Igniting the Fire

I recently returned form vacation, I had a great time with my family, I was able to take a much needed rest. While I was contemplating the ocean from the ship we were in, I started thinking about how difficult and challenging business can be, it can get lonely, it can get scary and definitely challenging.. So what do you do […] Read more

Pursuing and Elusion

It seems that we are constantly pursuing a sense of happiness and peace; unfortunately the more we pursue something, the more it usually eludes us. As a culture, we are so used to looking for what is wrong, what is not working, what we don’t have, the next thing we need to do, attain, or […] Read more

Break The Rules

I wish I could tell you that there is an easier way I wish I could tell you that you will find what you desire (the love, success, joy, satisfaction,  money, health, etc.) by following the rules However, the truth is you will not Rules are meant to keep the status quo. Rules are established […] Read more


Although I was encouraged to be in charge of my financial destiny, somewhere, somehow along the way I picked up the idea that it was safe to let someone else be in charge. Many women however have not been encouraged to take control of their financial destiny. No matter the reason, the truth is many […] Read more