How to Solve your Problems

This morning I heard my daughter’s sweet little voice saying to me: “Mom, does everyone pick their nose?”  I felt an enormous sense of tenderness and innocence in her voice,  in her wanting assurance that she is not a bad girl, or something was wrong with her for having a desire to pick her nose…. Children’s infinite innocence…

I went to smile, hug her, and said “Of course, my love, everyone does; there is nothing wrong with it!” This embarked us on a conversation about how every human being does pretty much the same things. We all eat, breath, sleep, have bodily functions, think about getting dressed, experience emotions and the list went on and on.

While I was telling all that to my daughter this morning… I also reflected around the fact that where the big difference exists is not in the things we do, but how we think about the things we do…. so enjoy the article below, and see your problems disappear.


How to solve your problems?

Very often, you observe the people around you. You may look at people who have what you desire, whether it is a thriving business, success, a great relationship, a better car, a templed character, a particular possession, whatever that may be.

And you may be prone to think they have it easier; you may be prone to either consciously or unconsciously believe they are better than you, more intelligent than you, luckier than you….

Let me tell you something, they are not. As human beings, we all experience exactly the same things over our lifetime, pretty similar ones anyway. We all eat, breathe, sleep, have bodily functions, think about getting dressed, experience emotions, desire to be loved; we all have been sick, have experienced deception; we all have experienced sadness etc.

But there is an enormous difference from one person to another, not in the things we do, but in how we do those things and how we think about the things we do, and that will determine the route you will choose regarding how to solve your problems.

We will all experience pretty similar situations along our lives, with some extremes obviously, but we will experience them very differently….

The circumstances we experience do not matter at all. What matters, what will make the difference between one person who succeeds and one who struggles, is the story each one attaches to their circumstances.

The story you attach to your own circumstances and the interpretations you attach to your experiences. That story is made by the things you repeat to yourself regarding what that experience must mean, that is “your story.”

The circumstances do not matter at all; it is the way that you look at your circumstances that makes all the difference in the world.

Much of the process of growing and even a process of what is so called “awakening” has to do with learning to think about our circumstances with a different level of consciousness.

Whenever you are experiencing a problem or experiencing something that makes you uncomfortable and do not know how to solve, challenge yourself to see that situation from a different perspective.

Stop asking yourself  “Why is this happening to me?” And instead, start asking the following empowering questions:

  • What is the lesson I could learn from this difficult situation?
  • What traits in my own personality have caused me to end up in this situation?
  • Whom do I know that does not have this challenge or/and has probably overcome it?
  • What characteristics does that person have?
  • What is his/her philosophy around this topic and or life?
  • How can I exhibit or model those traits in this situation?
  • Who do I need to be? How do I need to show up as a person to overcome this problem?

And for God’s sake, stop telling yourself all the reasons why you cannot solve that problem and start focusing on HOW CAN YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEM!

All the best, from my world to yours.