The Fastest Way To Step Into Your Purpose

Today is going to be a quick one. 🙂   I know you are busy (we all are, aren’t we?).   I have been having quite a few conversations with people and one thing that keeps coming up is that every time we decide to grow in any area, there is resistance.   This nagging feeling […] Read more


A Tough Lesson to Learn

How are you doing today?   I certainly hope this email finds you well, happy, rested and in peace.   I have to tell you I am nervous, nervous to share and open up with you in a way that I have not done in a while.   This is an unconventional email, as it […] Read more

Overnight Success

If you are a mom, you know how incredibly patient you need to be with an infant when he or she starts to grow and mature. First they begin to crawl and then walk and eventually they learn how to run.   You have to be incredibly patient when babies start crying, especially when they […] Read more

Laughter is Essential

I am writing today to remind you one of the most ignored facts of being successful in business… and that is remembering that laughter is essential for success.   The truth is, all the money in the world, all the success in the world, means nothing if you are not living a joyful life.   […] Read more

Your Client Attraction System

I hope you’re having a fantastic day. I have had a very busy couple of weeks so far, first with our newest training the Women’s Freedom Business Formula and then with some conferences I have been attending.   The best part is that I have been having TONS of FUN connecting with you guys and […] Read more

The Formula for Business Success

Greetings from Paris! I am spending some quality time here with my mom and we are having such a great time! Visiting the wonderful places in Paris, eating a lot of delicious food, walking through the streets, and we’re getting ready to go to Geneva very soon. (Enjoy the pics!)   Meanwhile my team is […] Read more

Create Your Own Stage

By now you have probably heard to the point of ad nauseam that one of the best ways to grow your business and get clients fast is through Speaking..   And YET   I see so few people doing it… And what’s worse… Very few people are doing it well!!   Allow me to be […] Read more

Sep, 10, 2015



Beyond Excited!

I am beyond excited to share this news with you! After months of work, careful planning and behind the scenes work… Our new website is LIVE! We did a complete Re-Brand for the next stage of our company and now we are introducing… The Unstoppable Female: Helping Women Become Unstoppable and Thrive No Matter What! […] Read more

I Took My Family On Vacation

I am super excited to tell you that I just came back from a two week vacation that was both renewing and refreshing! (enjoy the pics below) We went to the Mexican Riviera and a little small island on the Caribbean that is home to one of the world’s few Whale Shark reserves. We even […] Read more

A Personal Development Course on Steroids

I started my journey through personal development out of necessity. I was looking for answers that could explain to me how the hell I had gotten myself into such a bad place in my life, a place where nothing was working. But the first time I read a book, I worked with a mentor, the […] Read more

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