My work with Erika exceeded all my expectations.

I never imagined how much what I was doing was what was actually keeping me in the same cycle of conflict and problems in my business and my life. She helped me understand and see things I could have never seen on my own. My life and my business has totally sky rocketed thanks to the work we have done together.

Thank You Erika, I am forever grateful.

Emily Makenzie
New Jersey


My experience with Erika has been an amazing one, she gave me a reason once again to move forward in my life. She has taught me strategies to live a more productive and peaceful life and to see it with a positive perspective.

I’m more aware of my energy level, this has made an enormous change in my relationships with my husband, kids, others and of course with me. I now have better communication with my husband and kids and enjoy our time together. I understand how energy levels affect my behavior and that of others, helping me approach daily situations with a better attitude. I know that with her help I can find my inner strengths in all the steps of the way, I am so grateful.

Iliana Vega
Quebec Canada


When I decided to hire Erika, and the moment I did, a wave of relief washed over me. I knew I made the right decision. The very next day, I got my first client.

I had been thinking about hiring Erika for months, but I was just getting my new business up and going and I was constantly uncertain about how I was doing things and if I was investing in the right tools and coaching in order to optimize my transition.

When I decided to hire Erika, and the moment I did, a wave of relief washed over me. I knew I made the right decision. The very next day, I got my first client. The meaning of the timing of that first client, from a confidence, self-esteem, and financial stand point is significant beyond my abilities to articulate. I can say, however, that feeling that the universe has “got my back” was profound.

Since working with Erika for the last two weeks, I’ve found my confidence in my business to have expanded, my understanding and expectations of my marriage are becoming manageable and less stressful and the sense of overwhelm of how I’m going to manage this sponsorship is quickly diminishing.

I would strongly recommend for anyone whose feeling life’s challenges getting in the way of their success, to work with Erika. Her insight and life experiences will be a tremendous help in getting you past your particular frustrations in a way that you could never really do on your own.

Dr. Carin La Count USA


Before I started working with Erika my own thoughts had not produced any significant change even though I almost never stopped thinking about my challenge, which was my relationship with my husband of nearly 30 years.

I was confused. I felt trapped and victimized in a relationship that had offered “forever” promises, but was ultimately not delivering. I was distressed, yet yearning for answers, solution or improvement.
As I said earlier, I was thinking hard and daily about my issues, yet I could not move on. I was stuck. When Erika came along, she opened up my inner voice. How she did that, I will never know for sure. However, I do know this: she was passionate about her profession, she helped me clarify and reveal previously unseen aspects of the issues I was struggling with, and in the end, she definitely put me in the driver’s seat.

Renata K.


Working with Erika has been a total pleasure.

When I started working with her I needed help and felt overwhelm with my business and my life, but after just a few sessions she clearly depicted what the real cause of my issues were and help me see them with such a clarity that it made it easier to work through them.

She has a unique ability to clarify and breakdown the challenges into actionable bit pieces. She provides gentle yet clear direction as what should be done next and as a result it is easy for me be clear and take action on what needs to be done to achieve my objectives.

After a working with her I feel much more confident, productive, and motivated regarding what I need to do to achieve my goals. Thank you Erika, working with you is a pleasure.

Gina Bender
Reinvention Strategist


When I started working with Erika, my life was chaos and my business seemed only like a faraway dream.

After a short period of us working together I am perfectly clear on what my business is, I am being paid handsomely for a work I love to do and I am totally confident on my next steps.
I can truly say I am living my best life. Thank you Erika, working with you has been the single best decision I have made in a long time.

Ellen Gabouet


Working with Erika has been one of the best things I have done for my spiritual growth and my life journey.

My work with Erika confirmed what I was subconsciously aware of but could not decipher for myself. It gave me a clear perspective into my thought process, emotional reactions and awareness of how to change a situation. My initial change has been to look at all situations as an opportunity. It has given me stress relief as well as a clearer mind to evaluate my reactions and emotions before reacting.
It has been one of the best things I have done for my spiritual growth and my life journey. I feel blessed of having found Erika and the work we have done together.

I will be forever grateful as I have been forever changed.

Gloria Luna
Miami FL


Since working with Erika I have structured and developed new products that give me more stability. I have more than doubled my previous rates. I feel more in control, happier and more responsible for my success than ever.

I have never truly called myself an entrepreneur until about 2 years ago when I started my business, as an online marketing strategist. The first year was amazing – however after about 11 months, I came to Erika at a point in my business in which although I was making money I was not happy anymore. My business was doing really well but all the other areas of my life were kind of going down the tube…I was stressed out, tired, lonely, exhausted. I was making money, but I wasn’t enjoying it.

When I met Erika, I was operating at about 30% of my potential – and because of the work I’ve been doing with her, I think we’ve unlocked a huge amount of potential, and it increases every day. We both think strategically – and, as a result of Erika’s feedback and suggestions through the work we’ve been doing, I’m structuring and developing new products that give me more stability in business. I’m also carving time out to build out my own marketing plan, and I have more than doubled my previous rates since working with her.

We’ve initiated time management tactics that allow me to operate at a higher level with and for my clients now because I’m now more rested, exercising and, yes, happier!
I feel more in control and more responsible for my success than ever and Erika has helped me see how I can really navigate all problems and challenges simply as opportunities to get me closer to my goal.

Leigh Fowler


Erika’s Program Has Given Me Structure And Order. I Recommend Her Work To Anyone As She Doesn’t Leave Teachings In The Air. She Turns Them Into Actions That Help You Succeed.

Erika’s Program has been both an eye opener and an amazing resource for me. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed with my new business. Now, thanks to Erika, I understand what’s essential and what’s not; what deserves my time and attention; and most importantly, it has given me structure and order. I recommend Erika’s work to anyone because she is the kind of person who doesn’t leave teachings in the air. By the contrary, she turns them into actions with her exercises and follows ups. I no longer feel alone and lost. I know my business will succeed, but this class has helped see how it can be done.

Sandra Mateu
Personal Stylist


Erika’s Program Resulted In Me Tripling My Income! But The Most Important Thing Is That She Showed Me I Am A Person Who Deserves To Have It All And She Showed Me The Actual Steps On How To Achieve It.

Through Erika’s Program, I was able to finally put my hopes and dreams to work, and start my own business!

Erika helped me create my own business plan, showed me how to grow my social media following, and most importantly: showed me that I am a person who deserves to have it all, as long as I am willing to always reach for the stars.

I have since left my day job (as a result to the TRIPLED revenue I am experiencing) and now wake up every morning feeling empowered and respected. Erika has taught me more about myself than I even knew was possible, and I owe my success to her. Thank you Erika!!!!

Tory Wenger
Virtual Assistant & Lover of Life


I have had my best year in business in the last 7 years!!! And I am on my way to achieve in 2014 what was my goal for the end of 2015!

When I hired Erika I felt overwhelmed with everything I needed to do. Building a business takes commitment and challenges you to the core of your being. Becoming a business woman was not just about owning a business, I quickly learned that I could not be in business if I did not develop as an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and a business woman from the inside. I knew I was meant to work with Erika when I saw her success with her family and business life become congruent to who she was and that she was passionately living her dream, creating financial and emotional freedom for many women.

After working with Erika I have a personal and professional plan that I can implement in order to make the impact I want with my business. I am in control of my emotions, I am becoming the leader I want to be. I feel empowered to have the conversations with clients I have been avoiding in the past. I know exactly what is stopping me and I have a plan to overcome it in record time.

Irena Skoda


When I met Erika I had a few things going on with my life, from a financial meltdown, to a separation from my husband. I was looking for the best way to deal with my kids and wishing I could open a restaurant. Today my business is making almost a half million dollars a year, and I am more in charge of my life and destiny than ever before.

When I hired Erika I had literally no money, not even for my basic expenses. I had a few things going on with my life, from a financial meltdown to a separation from my husband. I was looking for the best way to deal with my kids, my fear, the uncertainty, procrastination and bad habits and patterns that I had reinforced for many years.

Fast forward to today, I opened my restaurant, just moved into a new apartment, I have almost a half million dollar a year business.

I have taken my life back, and now I live the life I deserve, along with my kids and my business, creating my best life ever.

Working with Erika has been fundamental both for my business and personal growth. I am so thankful, and I will always be grateful to her! She helped me get back my life.
 I will not hesitate to recommend her to the world!

Marita Lynn
Marita Lynn Catering


With Erika’s Help I have set myself free to a degree I would not have thought possible in a few short months.

Erika has a very simple but sophisticated system for transforming oneʼs own energy states. I was shocked to see how much I lived in a state of victimhood, having done much intensive work on myself over many years. Awareness is power, so this alone would have been a great help. However, Erika offers a path to change emotional states. I now catch myself instantly if I start to feel powerless or persecuted. I can go to an empowered state where I see only opportunities. My sense of who I am has expanded exponentially to knowing who I am and not second guessing what other people may be thinking of me. I just KNOW who I am and feel full of light and gentle confidence. I donʼt feel the need to convince everyone else that I am right. I just hold the sense of who I am and feel at peace.

If this sounds egotistical, it is the opposite. I can now truly appreciate other people, since I donʼt see them through the lens of whether they like me. They just ARE the unique and magical beings they are. I have set myself free with Erikaʼs coaching to a degree I would not have thought possible in a few short months, and, in so doing, have set the people around me free as well. I donʼt have the expectations of them that I used to have.

There are many coaches who promise results, but Erikaʼs combination of a strong measurable system and her innate sense of what is happening at any given moment means that you will actually get results with her in record time. Caroline Myss says that people ask for their mission in life, but, until they are healed, all they get is healing. This is what Erika has given me, the healing that now gives me space in my head and heart for my mission. Now I am planning my business from a new empowered state. The future looks bright.

Thank you, Erika!

Cynthia M.


If you are someone who is looking for answers for your business, maybe looking to take your business to the next level or even start a business, working with Erika will help you get clarity and direction.

Erika has helped me transform my business and my life in ways I cannot even describe.

When I started working with her I had no idea how I was going to take my business to the next level, how I was going to monetize it for sustainability, I did not even know what programs I was going to offer in the future.

After working with Erika I know EXACTLY how am I going to double my income, what programs I will launch and how I will make more money.

I have complete clarity on what I need to do in my business and I have a plan to follow. I invite you to work with Erika and join her programs. I am telling you, you won’t be disappointed, she will help you discover exactly how to make the money you deserve. Give her a call, I know she can help you too.

Loretta Peters
Competitive Edge Branding

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