What is The Unstoppable Female (aka: Erika Ferenczi)

The Unstoppable Female is a mentorship company specialized in working with women entrepreneurs who have a great desire to be financially independent through their own business but yet are not making money consistently.

 We can help you understand who you are, who are you meant to serve, how to powerfully define your ideal client, how to nail your niche, how to package and market your expertise for greater exposure and ultimate wealth.

In short we can help you create a cohesive plan that will take you to achieve the success, fulfillment and freedom you are after.

Our Objective?
To help you overcome your perceived limitations and become UNSTOPPABLE so you can thrive, no matter what.

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What do we stand for?

We believe women need to stop buying the nonsense idea that letting someone else be in charge of their financial security is ok or safe, because it is not.

Making your own money is about the sense of self-esteem and self worth that comes from being an independent and empowered human being.

  • We believe a woman is not truly free until she is financially free. Because the moment someone else controls her money they control her sense of security, self esteem, and if they have children they control their future too.
  • We believe women are powerful beyond belief, we believe women should have more money.
  • We believe a woman is compassionate, heart centered, resilient, smart and strong and when she has her own money she becomes unstoppable.

Our Sole Objective? Help you thrive no matter what.

We believe the secret to a successful business is not so much what you do but why you do it. We believe that you need to develop an unapologetic and unstoppable Mindset, integrate that with Marketing that Makes you Stand Out, Master the Art of Influence to turn those prospects into raving fans and bring that all together into a master cohesive plan that can help you make the money you need to live the life you desire to live.


  • Only then can you succeed.
    We believe your story and reasons as to why you believe you cannot change your circumstances is only the disempowering story you are telling yourself and it is costing you money big time!
    We believe you need to start your own Movement. You need to stand for something in this life, and although blending is far easier, when you do a part of yourself starts to die.
  • But who are we really?
    We are just like you. (That is, if you’re a bad-ass, go-getter, unapologetic entrepreneur that wants to leave a legacy in this world and is not willing to settle for less.)
    We’re a group of unstoppable females who don’t believe in settling and want to make a great living while working at something that really matters and leaves a positive legacy in this world.

But who is Erika Ferenczi?

I am the Chief Bad-Ass, unapologetic leader at The Unstoppable Female. I started my business in 2012, with a great desire to do something bigger than before. Before 2011, I was an “employee,” mostly. I worked in several different fields, including telecommunications, financial firms and pharmaceuticals. But being an “employee” and having someone else call the shots really bothered me.

I lead customer service, marketing and sales groups in those corporations but despite the fact that I loved my work, I also felt trapped as an employee, a part of my soul was dying and I hated that I could not come and go as I pleased.

One day I fell in love and became engaged, but my fiancée got relocated to another country. In that moment I had to make a decision, follow my career or honor my heart. I choose the later. I decided to get married, I left my job, my country, my family, my friends and everything that gave me stability and that defined who I was. I changed the first-class trips around the world, the high heels and black suits for changing diapers, breastfeeding and following my husband around the world.

Many years later I woke up one day, looked at myself in the mirror and I could not recognize the woman looking back at me “What happened to me? I thought. “How did I end here?”

In that moment I knew something needed to change and it needed to change fast. That change had to include making my own money and reclaiming my independence. Starting my own business was the answer.

I have 2 little kiddos of my own so I did not want to be trapped behind a desk in a corporation in which I could not come and go as I pleased. No! It had to be making my own money and living life on my own terms.

And then it occurred to me…

Why couldn’t I have a thriving business and enjoy my family and my life too?

I started putting together a plan that would let me tap into my incredible feminine power and thrive in all areas of my life, as I started putting the wheels in motion, I was amazed… not only with the transformation I saw in my business and in my family life… but with the transformation I saw in my self-confidence, my sense of fulfillment, and the joy that I derived from each waking moment.

So that’s why I decided to help.


I’ve spent years developing coaching and empowerment programs that will give you the confidence and skills to grab success and never let it go… even if you’ve let hundreds of opportunities slip through your fingers before. I’ll bring out the shining star you really are!


When you work with me, you’ll see the determination I have to help you make your business (and your life) a tremendous success. My goal is to give you the guidance and gentle encouragement you need to take bold steps in your career and embrace opportunities that would ordinarily have scared you to death!

It’s all so that you can experience the incredible feeling of success that comes with running a thriving business and still enjoying a vibrant personal life.

Isn’t it time you experienced that kind of success for yourself?
It was not always easy, I had my fears, my doubts, my dark moments but the day that I led my first group and I saw the transformation I provided to women, the moment I started making money and also making a difference, I knew I would never go back.

From day one my objective has been the same:


I help women achieve FREEDOM, choice and make a great income through their own business.


I help women become unapologetic leaders who are in charge of every aspect of their lives and THRIVE no matter what.



My mission has never changed:

I am in the business of:



Are you one of them?

YES! It is! And your journey starts today…


Welcome to Our World!

Become Unstoppable, Achieve Financial Freedom and Thrive No Matter What

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