Are You Living a Big Fat Lie?

What’s the story that is running through your head now? There are not enough clients? You do not know where to find them? Making money is not easy? Money does not grow on trees? You do not have enough time? What is really going through your mind? MOST importantly: Are you aware that whatever story […] Read more

Would You Like More Freedom?

Happy Independence Day (If you live in the United States)! If not this is a great opportunity to reflect about what freedom is and what freedom means. I am wondering: What makes you feel free? What allows you to understand that you are free? I believe freedom is one of the most sought after states […] Read more

How to Work From Home, Make Money, and Still Have a Life

Over and over again I see entrepreneurs working way too much; working themselves to the point of exhaustion. It is time we change that for the better. The truth is you can succeed; you can work from home, make money, and grow your business without losing your life in the process. Actually having a life, […] Read more

Self Esteem and Confidence

From the quiet confident adviser whose advice we rely on, to the confidence and charismatic presence of a mentor or a great speaker; self-confident people have qualities that we all admire. These people seem to have the self esteem most people lack. After having countless conversations with people from around the globe and seeing the […] Read more

Surveys Do Not Lie! How to Build A Home Business

In this post, I want to share with you How to Grow your Business Fast. This information is especially important if you want to build a home business. After speaking with many people in the entrepreneurial community, I surveyed a group of people on my list and asked how many of them had their own […] Read more

The 4 Fundamental Steps To Achieve Success

I write this blog post with all the love and appreciation for your journey that I can possibly muster. I sincerely hope that you take my message as a profound wake-up call meant to help you observe and enjoy the magnificence of life. I remember when I got my wake-up call… It was a morning […] Read more

[Ask Erika] How to Increase Sales

Today’s Question comes from Amy in New Zealand: “Erika, I cannot help but get very anxious when I need to ask for the sale. I love talking to people but then making an offer is just a struggle. I am not sure what to do, how to ask for the money and I am afraid […] Read more

[Ask Erika] How Do I Build a Successful Practice?

This question comes from Kimberly. “Erika, I am thinking about starting my own business and I am not sure where to start. I know I want to build a successful practice, I don’t want to work for corporate anymore and I want to attract clients as fast as possible so I can get my practice […] Read more

Happy Mother’s Day. To The Courageous To The Bold.

Happy Mother’s Day:   To the courageous, to the bold, To the loving, to the committed, To those who try to better their lives To enhance their children’s lives.   To the resilient, to the outrageous, To the loving souls, and the fierce defenders, To the sleepless nights, and endless chores.   To those who […] Read more

4 Crucial Steps to Get More Clients

After having a lot of conversations and interactions with people in my community, I have noticed that the most common question asked is “How can I get more clients?” Maybe you can relate. Maybe you are thinking “How can I keep my pipeline full and be able to consistently expand my business” Or “How can […] Read more

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