Winning In Business

I am not sure about you, (I would love to know by the way if you feel the same) but every time I attend a business event or a personal development event or workshop I get all fired up and all motivated to create even more, even bigger, even better things in my business and [...]

Do You Have A Vision?

One November morning, I was sitting in a loud and crowded cafeteria of the college I attended.   It was my first year in college and the students were getting to know each other. I was sitting with three individuals who at that time were my best friends.   In the background it was chaotic, with […] Read more

The Woman You Are Meant To Be

It was a chilling morning in December… the day was grey, a little melancholic as if it knew what was going to happen next. I woke up like any other day and there was silence at first, then the movement starts. I go into my daughter’s bedroom and see her sound asleep. I wake her […] Read more

Successful Entrepreneurs

Did you know that I attended one of the most thorough trainings in energy healing science in the world? A program in which you work extensively with energy healing techniques, quantum physics principles, the human consciousness, biology, psychology, and which of course is deeply spiritual. As spiritual as a practice can be. Yes we heal […] Read more

Your Freedom, Your Happiness, Your Success

Today I want to tell you a story. A story that is a true story, one that I wish I never had to tell, because the truth is that it made me ashamed more times than not. But it will help you… so here it is. I was in the middle of a coaching program. […] Read more

Success is Not for Wimps

The more successful you become, the more important this concept is. Not too long ago I was attending a high-end coaching mastermind which I have the privilege and honor to be part of, amongst some of the most successful and empowered human beings I have met (a true blessing). When the meeting started, the organizers […] Read more

Survival Instinct

Some years ago, I was sitting in a room. It was a cold winter day, and outside there was a frigid winter air that seemed to penetrate every cell of my body… somehow I felt that the weather might have something to tell me because that’s how I felt inside. Cold, afraid, full of doubts […] Read more

Your Own Real Estate

Get in Charge of Your Own Income   It still amazes me how I see people who tell me they want to be in business (Entrepreneurs that is) who keep reinventing the wheel every single day. They somehow find a way to get clients, have someone come and buy their products, visit their online store, […] Read more

Igniting the Fire

I recently returned form vacation, I had a great time with my family, I was able to take a much needed rest. While I was contemplating the ocean from the ship we were in, I started thinking about how difficult and challenging business can be, it can get lonely, it can get scary and definitely challenging.. So what do you do […] Read more

You Can Never Stop

I know you are in business because of the freedom it provides you. I know you want to be free to come and go as you please and be present for your family. I know you want to do work that matters. Being lost in a company doing work that feels meaningless is like living […] Read more

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