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MANIFEST Everything You Desire

  In three months, I will mark the fifth anniversary of “starting my business.” In April 2012, I clicked the button that registered my business as a legal entity.   Of course, it took me many more months to get my first paying client. Many tears, frustrations, sleepless nights, and thousands and thousands of dollars [...]


Money Generating System

Hi there!  I know you have a great desire to build your business fast. Your business is the manifestation of your life’s purpose right? I know you do not want to go back to a corporate job or you desperately want to quit the one you are in and finally create a life that is […] Read more

Your Own Real Estate

Get in Charge of Your Own Income   It still amazes me how I see people who tell me they want to be in business (Entrepreneurs that is) who keep reinventing the wheel every single day. They somehow find a way to get clients, have someone come and buy their products, visit their online store, […] Read more

Stop the Struggle

Are you thinking about why  some people rise to the top of their field so easily and seemingly quickly while other struggle for years and years on end? Are you trying to find the new strategy, the new social media application, the new page to include on your website that will give you that success? […] Read more

How to Solve your Problems

This morning I heard my daughter’s sweet little voice saying to me: “Mom, does everyone pick their nose?”  I felt an enormous sense of tenderness and innocence in her voice,  in her wanting assurance that she is not a bad girl, or something was wrong with her for having a desire to pick her nose…. […] Read more

How to confidently charge my rates?

This week’s question comes to us from Dorothy.   Question: Erika, I am a coach and I find I am having a real problem when I talk with my potential clients. Even though I am very clear on what my rates are, as soon as I get on the phone with them I start assessing […] Read more

Biggest Mistake of your Life

Much has been said about how short life is, and about the necessity to follow our dreams and make the most of our time on earth.  But even though we acknowledge this, we still go back to our regular routines, taking for granted that things will always work out for the best. Sometimes, though, life […] Read more