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Happy Mother’s Day. To The Courageous To The Bold.

Happy Mother’s Day:   To the courageous, to the bold, To the loving, to the committed, To those who try to better their lives To enhance their children’s lives.   To the resilient, to the outrageous, To the loving souls, and the fierce defenders, To the sleepless nights, and endless chores.   To those who […] Read more

How Can a Mountain Help You Make More Money?

There are very few things that compare to the exhilaration and freedom of skiing down a mountain. I know, it is an extreme sport, and this is another one of the places where I like to unleash my delight for adrenaline and pushing the limits of the human spirit and body. The mountain is beautiful, […] Read more

Igniting the Fire

I recently returned form vacation, I had a great time with my family, I was able to take a much needed rest. While I was contemplating the ocean from the ship we were in, I started thinking about how difficult and challenging business can be, it can get lonely, it can get scary and definitely challenging.. So what do you do […] Read more

The Greater Fool

I am one of the biggest fools that ever existed, and since the biggest fool is the one who believes the impossible can be achieved, I want to continue to be one. In fact, I need to make sure I continue to be one. How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something that […] Read more

Dare to Dream

YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST If you ask me what breaks my heart, I would have to say it is the same problem broken down in two parts: a) A woman who ends up giving away so much of herself, taking care of everyone else first, to such a degree that she neglects herself b) A […] Read more

Some Anger Goes A long Way!

Article #2 of Financial Freedom Inspiration Series Most people have quite a bit of judgment about anger, deeming it bad, undesirable, wrong, scary, and so on. The real truth though is that anger is neither bad nor good; it is just another one of our human emotions. And depending on how you use it, it may either be beneficial to […] Read more


This article is about being a champion, not a survivor…. Do not get me wrong surviving is sometimes good… but from my point of view NOT GOOD ENOUGH… most people in this planet are just surviving….you see them walking around without energy, without desire, without a sense of purpose, you see them half dead…. They […] Read more

I am Grateful

I Am Grateful     For my children who make a mess – Because that means they are home, they are healthy and they are safe. For my husband who from time to time picks a fight – Because I know he cares. For the disagreements I have with my parents about how they live […] Read more

It’s a Privilege

“ I always complained about having only a pair of shoes until I saw another kid who had no feet.”  -Oswaldo Guayasamin Have you heard the phrase “When you change your perspective, what you are looking at changes too?” It’s so true, right? Let me start with some numbers here… yes, I am a numbers […] Read more

Ready for the Journey?

Have you heard the expression “It takes a village to raise a child?” Well I believe actually that when we are in business, the same expression applies… “It takes a village” to grow a business to a place of financial independence and consistent profits. Have you seen a mother who is trying to raise her […] Read more