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4 Crucial Steps to Get More Clients

After having a lot of conversations and interactions with people in my community, I have noticed that the most common question asked is “How can I get more clients?” Maybe you can relate. Maybe you are thinking “How can I keep my pipeline full and be able to consistently expand my business” Or “How can […] Read more

How to Solve your Problems

This morning I heard my daughter’s sweet little voice saying to me: “Mom, does everyone pick their nose?”  I felt an enormous sense of tenderness and innocence in her voice,  in her wanting assurance that she is not a bad girl, or something was wrong with her for having a desire to pick her nose…. […] Read more

What Can I Do About Family and Friends?

Her Question: I started my business three years ago and thru this process I feel many things have changed in my life and I guess I have changed too. Problem is I am having a hard time spending time with my old friends and family, our interests are completely different and they believe I am […] Read more