Financial Freedom and Success VIP Strategy Day

Do you find yourself full of ideas and wondering how could you put them into a cohesive strategy that could turn into consistent income in your business?

  • Are you totally committed to changing the results of your business... FAST?
  • Do you feel you have no time to lose and are in need of RAPID and dramatic changes?
  • Are you craving the dedicated attention and expertise of someone who can strategize with you for a whole day?
  • Do you want to get the answers you need right away?
  • Are you eager to take action, but you want to take the “right” kind of action so you don't waste your time?

Then I invite you to spend a whole day with me and see your whole business transform right away. A whole day dedicated to you, to your goals, your business strategy, your dreams, and the business and life you want to create.

Give yourself the gift of opportunity and get your book today.

The Financial Freedom VIP Strategy Day is for you if:

  • You want a complete business strategy, including pricing and programs in ONE DAY
  • You want to save months and months of trial and error
  • You are you ready for big changes... fast
  • You are you a good implementer, and thus you need a plan you can execute right away
  • You want to design a business that makes you happy, makes you money and makes you free

This program includes:

  • Financial Attraction Index Assessment: Identify your default attraction tendencies towards wealth, abundance and financial independence. Uncover and eliminate the energy blocks that would otherwise prevent you from success, wealth and clients in your business, and from taking full advantage of our time together.
  • VIP STRATEGY DAY: This is a 5- hour work day you will spend with Erika directly. It usually takes place from 10 a.m. To 2 p.m. and includes lunch. All you need to have is energy to focus on designing a business you will love. This day takes place in gorgeous Miami, Florida... or at a agreed-upon location based on Erika’s travel schedule.
  • One Financial Attraction Debrief session before your VIP Day:In this session, Erika will help you understand and fully utilize all the information given to you on your assessment and answer any questions you may have to make sure you are completely inspired and fully prepared to take full advantage of all possibilities presented to you on your VIP day.
  • Two additional 30 minute one-on-one calls with Erika: This is a space and time in which you can ask any questions you may have regarding the plan you two put into place. This is where strategy meets implementation, and Erika is there for you all the way to help you make the most empowered decisions.

To Schedule your Financial Freedom VIP Strategy Day, simply click the link below to inquire about available dates, or set up a time to speak with Erika. Please use subject: VIP Day Inquiry.

** Serious inquiries only please.

Not sure what to choose?

New clients should start with a private Financial Attraction Breakthrough Session to uncover your current biggest need in moving from where you are to where you want to go. CLICK here to schedule.