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The Client Chase

I was thinking about something today after back to back client calls. A lot of women that I speak with are absolutely brilliant and yet most come to me because despite their best efforts, they can’t seem to make their businesses profitable.   It got me thinking about why such smart, gifted women still struggle […] Read more

4 Crucial Steps to Get More Clients

After having a lot of conversations and interactions with people in my community, I have noticed that the most common question asked is “How can I get more clients?” Maybe you can relate. Maybe you are thinking “How can I keep my pipeline full and be able to consistently expand my business” Or “How can […] Read more

How Will You Get Your Next 3 Clients?

So you have completed your branding, worked on your website, the business cards are ready, you have some clients, and you even made some money…now it is time to take it to the next level! Getting more clients. So what are the strategies you need to put into practice to make sure you get more […] Read more