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Grit, Grace, and Perseverance

  Grit, grace, and perseverance.  Wow, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?  Well I’m here to tell you that these three qualities are a stellar combination, and one that can usually not be beat if dispersed by you carefully  along the way.      You have decided to stop thinking ‘what if’, wondering ‘why not’, or asking yourself ‘why is this [...]

Beyond Excited!

I am beyond excited to share this news with you! After months of work, careful planning and behind the scenes work… Our new website is LIVE! We did a complete Re-Brand for the next stage of our company and now we are introducing… The Unstoppable Female: Helping Women Become Unstoppable and Thrive No Matter What! […] Read more

Would You Like More Freedom?

Happy Independence Day (If you live in the United States)! If not this is a great opportunity to reflect about what freedom is and what freedom means. I am wondering: What makes you feel free? What allows you to understand that you are free? I believe freedom is one of the most sought after states […] Read more

Self Esteem and Confidence

From the quiet confident adviser whose advice we rely on, to the confidence and charismatic presence of a mentor or a great speaker; self-confident people have qualities that we all admire. These people seem to have the self esteem most people lack. After having countless conversations with people from around the globe and seeing the […] Read more

How I Filled My Practice

Maybe you have heard me tell this story before, or maybe you haven’t, the point is that when I started my business I found myself one day in front of my computer, staring at my professionally designed website with a top of the line branding, very nice business cards… and very few clients. Like many […] Read more

How Will You Get Your Next 3 Clients?

So you have completed your branding, worked on your website, the business cards are ready, you have some clients, and you even made some money…now it is time to take it to the next level! Getting more clients. So what are the strategies you need to put into practice to make sure you get more […] Read more

Do NOT take your eyes OFF the plan

Do not take your eyes off the plan.   It was a cool September morning and Autumn had set in. The leaves had begun to transition from green to gold and little fringes of brown had begun to appear around the edges.   Today was the day that I was to meet my mentor for […] Read more

What having my Nephew almost killed taught me

Happy New Year! Yes I know I have said that before. But since this is the first personal message of the year I wanted to say it again. I hope your year is full of health, Love, Abundance and Growth! For our family, this was a very difficult winter break; and yet it has also […] Read more

The Woman You Are Meant To Be

It was a chilling morning in December… the day was grey, a little melancholic as if it knew what was going to happen next. I woke up like any other day and there was silence at first, then the movement starts. I go into my daughter’s bedroom and see her sound asleep. I wake her […] Read more

Success is Not for Wimps

The more successful you become, the more important this concept is. Not too long ago I was attending a high-end coaching mastermind which I have the privilege and honor to be part of, amongst some of the most successful and empowered human beings I have met (a true blessing). When the meeting started, the organizers […] Read more

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